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Женьшень Triple Leaf Tea

Штрих-код: 023991000132
Ancient Chinese Herbal Tea All Natural 100% American Ginseng Root Beneficial Herbal Tea Popular with Chinese & American Herbalists Delicious Accompaniment to Meals The American Ginseng Tea Tradition American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) has long been a popular herb. Modern ..
2 350.00 р.
Штрих-код: 023991000156
Naturally Decaffeinated Tea to Maintain Antioxidants Ancient Chinese Herbs & Teas Decaf Panax Ginsengs & Chinese Herbs With Eleuthero, Jiaogulan & Astragalus Beneficial Everyday Tea Anytime of Day Delicious Hot or Iced 100% Satisfaction Naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea with Ginse..
550.00 р.